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An illuminated sports ball including flexible transparent tubing on its exterior for housing and exposing flexible light sources. The tubing is recessed in grooves around the ball so that only a portion thereof projects outward from the exterior surface of the ball. In one embodiment, the grooves terminate at common points on the ball and a central throughbore extends through the ball between these common points. An anchor cord which extends through a bore within the ball may be attached to the ends of the tubes to secure the tubes in the grooves. The tubes may extend within the ball to attach to the anchor cord, or to other tubes positioned around the ball. The light sources are chemiluminescent light sticks which are inserted into the tubes through a central slot. The slot desirably faces the grooves during use and the tubes are torsionally flexible and can be rotated to face outward for inserting the light sticks. In one embodiment the grooves extend in direct paths around the exterior periphery of the ball, while in a second embodiment the grooves follow non-linear paths around the ball.

Illuminated sports ball
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September 12, 1996
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November 4, 1997
Daniel Scott Campbell
20262 Colonial Cir., Huntington Beach, 92646
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear
A63B 43/06
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