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A wardrobe hanger system having a first, upper section for suspending coats, jackets, shirts, and the like, and for suspending slacks or pants, and a second, detachable lower section for suspending a skirt, or the like. The second, lower section holds the skirt, by means of a pair of spring-biassed, extensible arms. The lower section is attached to the upper section by means of a cooperating tongue-and-groove connection. Tabs at the ends of the runner of the upper section prevent the lower section from escaping from the upper section until one of the tabs is depressed, allowing the lower section's runner to clear past the tab, and to therefore, be removed from the upper section. When the lower section is detached from the upper section, it may be used separately and independently of the upper section.

Garment hanger system
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January 16, 1996
Publication Date
October 28, 1997
George Clarke
520 7th St., Wilmette, 60091
A47G 25/40
A47G 25/44
A47G 25/18
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