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An apparatus and method for dipping products, such as tablets, into coating material and for spreading and setting the coating immediately after dipping is provided. Carrier plates having a plurality of tablet holders are transported from a tablet loading station to a dipping station along a transport guide. At the dipping station, a carrier plate is mounted to a vacuum chamber. A set of vacuum tubes in the vacuum chamber are extended through the tablet holders to contact and lift the tablets off of the holders and secure the tablets to the tubes. In a preferred embodiment, the vacuum chamber is rotated 180.degree. and a second carrier plate is mounted onto the housing and a second set of tubes secure the tablets to the plate. The carrier plates are alternately dipped and returned to the guide means where new plates with uncoated tablets replace the plates with coated tablets. Immediately after dipping the carrier plates enter a rotating station where the plate is rotated 360.degree. and then replaced on the guide means for transportation to further processing stations. Preferably, the rotating station includes a similar vacuum chamber with vacuum tubes that are extended into the holder for securing the tablet during rotation.

Tablet dipping systems for apparatus for gelatin coating tablets
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June 5, 1995
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October 21, 1997
Norbert I Berta
McNeil PPC
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