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A combination radiant heat, convection and rotary air impingement closed loop oven comprising an oven housing mounting a removable cooking chamber with a pair of driven spaced apart removable impingement disks. The removable cooking chamber comprising a top and a bottom each having a generally circular opening for receiving a removable driven rotating impingement disk. The disks each comprise a plurality of round edged, generally circular air impingement orifices and a central hub defining a slot. The hub indexes with a pinned drive shaft. The upper disk is quarter turn spring loaded locking and unlocking. The side walls of the chamber removably mount at least one product support surface relatively parallel to the disks. A variable speed fan provides pressurized air to a plenum defined between the housing and the chamber. A heating element or power burner heats the air within the plenum before it is discharged through the impingement orifices in the disks. A front door mounted to the oven housing provides access to the cooking chamber. Dampers disposed in the plenum control air flow and pressure within the plenum and through the orifices. Turning vanes are employed within the plenum to reduce turbulence in the pressurized air. An alternative embodiment employs a radiant element or power burner for browning and heating the surface of a product to be cooked within the oven. Preferably the radiant element is disposed within the plenum above the first impingement disk.

Rotary air impingement oven
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January 3, 1996
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October 14, 1997
George A Lara Jr
9403 Crocus Ct., Fort Myers, 33912
Jerry L Mahurin
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