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A heart pacemaker which is arranged to stimulate the apical area of the heart. Stimulation of this area provides synchronous mechanical contraction of the left and right ventricles and overcomes the problem of pacemaker induced left bundle branch block type conduction disturbance. The pacemaker has a base surface which conforms to the apical area of the heart and mounts a plurality of epicardial stimulating electrodes. Selection of electrodes can be made to provide the most clinically appropriate stimulation. An opposite side of the pacemaker is arranged to contact the diaphragm and is provided with sensing electrodes to sense activity of the diaphragm and adjust pacing of the heart in accordance with changes in physical activity of the patient. The electrodes used are preferably of capacitive construction, having first and second capacitive plates either side of a dielectric formed by the body of the pacemaker.

Multi-focal leadless apical cardiac pacemaker
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June 15, 1995
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October 7, 1997
Noel Desmond Gray
No. 10, The Cove, Forster Keys, N.S.W. 2428
Dressler Rockey Milnamow & Katz
A61N 1/375
A61N 1/368
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