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A lead extraction device synchronized to the cardiac cycle which utilizes laser light to separate an implanted object, such as a pacemaker lead, from fibrous scar tissue and thereby permit the implanted object to be extracted from a body. The extraction device features a catheter having a central lumen dimensioned so a pacemaker lead will fit within. The catheter is thereby guided by the lead. The catheter has at least one optical fiber to emit laser light from the distal end and thereby separate the lead from fibrous scar tissue. A means for generating a control pulse in response to a sensed ECG signal permits the catheter to by synchronized to the cardiac cycle. In such a manner laser light may be controlled so as to avoid striking the heart at a vulnerable period in the cardiac cycle.

Heart synchronized extractor for an implanted object
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November 16, 1993
Publication Date
October 7, 1997
Terrell M Williams
1444-97th Avenue NW., Brooklyn Park, 55444
Dale A Wahlstrom
4685 Goldenrod La., Plymouth, 55442
Harold Patton
Michael J Jaro
A61B 17/32
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