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An anchoring member for connecting a rod with a bone comprises a screw member having a treaded portion and a screw head with a spherical segment-shaped portion, a seat part receiving said screw head of said screw member and said rod, and a pressure member formed to embrace said screw head from its side opposite to said threaded portion. The seat part has a first end, a second end opposite to said first end, an axis of symmetry passing through said first and second end and a bore which is coaxial with said axis of symmetry for passing said threaded portion therethrough and has a first portion adjacent to said first end, said first portion having a substantially U-shaped cross-section with two free legs with an internal screw thread for receiving said rod therebetween. The seat part further has a second portion adjacent to said second end, said second portion tapering towards the second end with a predetermined cone angle, and a pressure member has an outer conical surface in a region laterally surrounding said screw head, said conical surface tapering towards said second end with a cone angle corresponding to said predetermined cone angle.

Anchoring member
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March 5, 1996
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September 30, 1997
Jurgen Harms
D- Maximilianstr. 5, D-76133 Karlsruhe
Lutz Biedermann
Am Schafersteig 8, D-78048 VS-Villingen
George W Neuner
A61B 17/70
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