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A seismic construction system is disclosed that includes a surface-mounted veneer anchor, a box tie member, and a facing anchor. The primary components of the veneer anchor is a wire formative providing closed loop, wire-to-wire connections between the formative and the box tie device. The veneer anchor has a baseplate with a wire formative attached thereto having elongated eye wire extensions. Each pair of eye wires accommodates the threading thereonto of a box tie through the open end of the box tie. The box tie is then positioned so that the open end is secured to the facing anchor and is embedded together with the facing anchor into the bed joint thereof. The facing anchor includes a seismic clip for accommodating a straight wire run and receiving the open end of the box tie. The facing anchor is embedded in a bed joint of the facing. As the elongated eye wires have sealed eyelets or loops and the open ends of the box ties are sealed in the joints of the exterior wythes, a positive, closed-loop interengagement results. In insulated structures, the elongated eye portions is oriented to secure the insulating panels and the insulation are protected by insulation shields.

Surface-mounted veneer anchor for seismic construction system
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April 24, 1995
Publication Date
September 30, 1997
Ronald Peter Hohmann
Siegmar Silber
Hohmann & Barnard
E04B 1/02
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