05669173 is referenced by 45 patents and cites 8 patents.

A scope mounting system comprising a pair of scope ring assemblies, each having a clamp mechanism for clamping a desired scope thereto, and a pair of scope bases. Each scope ring assembling has a female dovetail slot for releasably mating with a male dovetail protrusion provided on a mating scope base. The scope base also including a mechanism for releasably attaching the scope base to the barrel of a desired firearm. The scope base includes a recoil stop for preventing forward axial sliding movement of the scope ring assembly relative to the scope base upon discharge of a firearm incorporating the present invention. Each scope ring assembly may also be provided with a mating recess for cooperating with and abutting against the recoil stop of the scope base.

Scope mounting system with recoil stop
Application Number
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June 6, 1996
Publication Date
September 23, 1997
Frederick W Rodney Jr
134 Flagg Rd., Gonic, 03839
Davis and Bujold
F41G 1/38
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