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A rock picker and material loader attachment is pivotally mounted to a loader scoop or bucket and extends longitudinally forward therefrom. A plurality of teeth form the leading surface of the attachment during digging and loading operations. Also adjacent the bucket and support bar is a laterally extending debris catcher. During picking and scraping operations, the debris catcher is perpendicular to the bottom of the bucket, extending up from the bottom and thereby acting as a block or retaining plate which assists in retaining debris in the bucket. Two longitudinal knees form a quarter-circle are at or near the longitudinal position of the mounting between the attachment and the bucket. During loading from the inventive attachment to the bucket, the knees are used to pivot the attachment and allow material or debris to roll into the bucket. While the attachment is pivoting, the debris catcher assists by moving any debris near the edge of the bucket back and away therefrom. The attachment is useful for rocks, manure, trash, bales and other materials. A variety of alternative component designs are disclosed, including a different tooth configuration more suitable for loading pallets, logs and the like and different styles of bucket to fit the type of material. Hydraulics are also disclosed to actuate the attachment as an alternative, further extending the versatility of the invention.

Rock and material loading apparatus
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August 23, 1996
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September 9, 1997
Lawrence F Omann
39947 95th Ave., St. Joseph, 56374
Albert W Watkins
E02F 3/28
A01A 15/02
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