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A method and apparatus of automatically matching sellers of property with potential buyers through a communications network (preferably the Internet) in which a host system communicates with the sellers and the potential buyers over telephone or dedicated data transmission lines. The host system obtains and stores a first set of records each corresponding to a property to be sold. The first set of records can then be search by a remote data terminal associated with a potential buyer. The results of this search are then provided to the potential buyer, who indicates specific property listings that the potential buyer may be interested in purchasing. The potential buyer provides identifying information which is then provided to the sellers of the indicated property. Provisions are made to ensure that the sellers who list property support the system. Further, the system permits automatic evaluation of potential buyers to screen buyers whose information does not match minimum criteria provided by the seller.

Interactive computer system to match buyers and sellers of real estate, businesses and other property using the internet
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June 7, 1995
Publication Date
September 2, 1997
Richard Fraser
10 Glen Avon Dr., Riverside, 06878
Dale Curtis Kilpatrick Stockton Hogue Sr
G06F 17/60
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