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A wide range interactive two way communication video system operable nation-wide over satellite links has comprehensive local data processing stations for network subscribers that give a wide range of choices for customizing system features. In particular the system is soft-ware controlled by a programmable computer that comprehensively interconnects one or more interactive features or modes of operation in a local subscriber's unit that may be licensed to or chosen by individual subscribers. Such optionally selected features include data bases, audience response, instantaneous purchase and billing, channel and program selections, restructuring of system operation, and video games. Multiple slot software capability for receiving chips, discs or other software storage units are provided for customizing data bases, fiscal transactions, access to network facilities and remote stations, operational menus and program selection menus from broadcast, and cable or satellite communications. Subscriber participation is done from an armchair by flicking a finger without interrupting the viewing of program materials, without telephone lines or writing implements. A typical interactive transaction would be instantaneous response to an advertisement in a video broadcast program with a purchase decision which orders a product or service, pays, ships and reorders into inventory the product at different local sites in far-off cities.

Software controlled multi-mode interactive TV systems
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March 25, 1991
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September 2, 1997
Fernando Morales
1941 Roland Clarke Pl., Reston, 22091
Laurence R Brown
H04N 7/14
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