05657543 is referenced by 30 patents and cites 26 patents.

An emergency tool for use in breaking glass. The tool includes a handle member having an impact member slidingly carried within a channel therein. A spring is provided for advancing the impact member outwardly from the handle in order to break glass upon the impact member's contact therewith. A trigger lever is provided for compressing the spring and cocking the impact member such that upon activation of the trigger, the impact member advances forward for breaking glass. Also provided is a folding blade extendable from the handle, having a serrated edge for cutting seat belts, and a pry member for prying off objects. A spring actuated locking member is also provided for automatically locking the blade in an extended position.

Emergency tool
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October 10, 1995
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August 19, 1997
Walter W Collins
P.O. Box 100 4651 Savannah Hwy., North, 29112
Leatherwood Walker Todd & Mann P C
B26B 11/00
B25F 1/00
B26F 1/00
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