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An electronic endoscope apparatus has an imaging unit separable from the distal end portion of an endoscope and is capable of easily handling and operating the separated imaging unit. In the apparatus, the imaging unit having an imaging device is arranged as a separate member so that the imaging unit can be separated from the distal end portion of the endoscope, and the imaging unit is held in the accommodating pocket of the endoscope by holding means such as, for example, an electromagnet or the like. Therefore, the imaging unit is separated from the distal end portion of the endoscope by turning off the electromagnet when the endoscope is inserted into a desired position of an observing subject and can carry out picking-up operation as an imaging unit independently of the endoscope. An electric signal is transmitted between an endoscope main body and the imaging unit as a radio wave through antennas. Observing means may be provided with the endoscope main body independently of the imaging unit and further a stereoscopic image may be formed by the imaging unit and the observing means. In addition, a wire can be disposed in the endoscope main body to hold the imaging unit in the accommodating unit as well as collect the separated imaging unit to the accommodating pocket. Moreover, when the wire is also used as a signal line, a signal transmission can be realized by a simple arrangement.

Electronic endoscope apparatus with imaging unit separable therefrom
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April 4, 1995
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August 5, 1997
Shigeo Suzuki
Fujio Okada
Ronald R Snider
Fuji Photo Optical
A61B 1/05
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