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An integrated power supply and battery charger with interchangeable and collapsible plug capacity and interchangeable power input modules includes a casing, an electrical plug detachably mounted in the casing and including collapsible prongs, allowing the user to accommodate myriad combinations of power source configurations, electrical devices and rechargeable batteries therefore and to power and charge same in a safe and convenient manner. A cradle accommodates a battery to be charged. Releasable locking mechanisms are included to both engage the interchangeable electrical plug and battery and to lock the collapsible prong in the extended position. The locking mechanisms can be released by a user to allow the plug or battery to be moved to the detached position. A preferred form of electrical connection between a detachable plug and casing comprises a submerged pin and sleeve configuration to protect the user or passerby from electric shock. A preferred form of conducting prong is collapsible within the carrier and is securable in an extended position to avoid inadvertent collapse. A variety of interchangeable electrical plugs can be fitted to the same casing. A power supply is preferably fitted within the casing, allowing an electrical device to be attached to the device while the device is also acting as a battery charger. A collapsible stand is provided to enable the user to easily utilize both the battery charging and power supplying abilities of the inventive device in tandem.

Universally interchangeable and modular power supply with integrated battery charger
Application Number
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August 29, 1995
Publication Date
July 15, 1997
Stan S Hahn
Nathan P Crosby Heafey Roach & May Koenig
Adam H Tachner
Asian Micro Sources
H01M 10/46
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