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An apparatus and a method for performing a chest press exercise are disclosed. A user support and a primary hinge are mounted to a frame. A secondary hinge is mounted to the primary hinge. An arm mounted to the secondary hinge has a handle adapted to be grasped by the user. The two hinges permit the user to displace the handle in either or both the longitudinal and lateral directions. A means for resisting the displacement of the handle, preferably in both the lateral and longitudinal directions, is provided. The resistance means may include an incremental weight stack operably engaged to handle by belts directed by self-aligning pulleys. A second handle, arm and secondary hinge may be provided for the other hand so that the user may exercise both halves of his body. The arms may be connected such that both handles move the same longitudinal and/or lateral distance. To use the exercise machine, a user selects a weight for exercise, sits on the user support, grasps the handle and pushes away from his chest, moving the handle longitudinally and laterally as he so chooses, overcoming the resistance.

Chest press exercise machine and method of exercising
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March 7, 1995
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July 1, 1997
Roy Simonson
Colorado Springs
Cybex International
A63B 21/02
A63B 21/078
A63B 21/062
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