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A method is provided for making a backup copy of the content of a memory, e.g., a database, such that the memory is divided into a plurality of segments and a backup copy of individual ones of the segments is made during a respective one of a plurality of independent backup sessions. Each segment may be a predetermined percentage of the memory, and the independent sessions may be separated from one another by a predetermined duration of time, e.g., a day. A full backup of the memory is thus completed during a last one of the backup sessions. An incremental backup copy may be made for each of the blocks of segments whose contents has changed since a previous backup session.

Method of making a backup copy of a memory over a plurality of copying sessions
Application Number
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September 23, 1993
Publication Date
June 24, 1997
Arnon Kanfi
7 Elaine Ct., Randolph, 07869
Watov & Kipnes P C
G06F 12/16
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