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A method of creating an image inside a transparent material with the aid of a pulsed laser beam involves use of a diffraction limited Q-switched laser, in particular, a solid-state single-mode TEM.sub.00 laser; sharp focusing of the laser beam to provide an adjustable microdestruction in the material being treated; and mutual displacement of the laser beam and the material being treated after each laser shot to a next point of the image being reproduced. The microdestruction induced in the material at a pre-set point is adjustable in size by varying the actual aperture of the focusing lens and laser radiation power simultaneously. A device for carrying out said method comprises a laser 1, a defocusing lens 2 having a variable focal length, a focusing lens 4 capable of performing controlled motion along the laser beam 3 with the aid of an actuator 5, a drive 7 moving a specimen 6 made of a transparent material in a plane perpendicular to the laser beam 3, and a computer 8 guiding the process of specimen 6 treatment.

Method and apparatus for creating an image by a pulsed laser beam inside a transparent material
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August 19, 1993
Publication Date
June 10, 1997
Alexander I Erokhin
Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel
Michael Shenker
Podarok International
B23K 26/02
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