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A local host data processing system operating under the control of a local host operating system includes components of a hosted operating system. The host operating system further include a TCP/IP network protocol stack which couples to the communications facilities of the host system connected to a local area network for communicating with a number of remote host systems. Host and hosted operating systems share the same TCP/IP network protocol stack. A virtual network mechanism is configured within the local host system to be operatively coupled to the host network protocol stack and provide access to well-known port application programs. When so configured, the mechanism functions as another LAN to which the hosted operating system is attached. The mechanism transforms the well-known port identifier of each inbound packet into a non-well-known port identifier in addition to other station address identifier fields. It then redirects the transformed packet back to the IP layer of the stack for transfer to the appropriate well-known port application program of the hosted operating system. It reverses this operation for each reply packet which is also redirected back to the IP layer for forwarding to the remote system. This eliminates the need to specify additional protocol stacks and to provide additional communication hardware facilities for handling multiple instances of well-known port applications programs.

Virtual network mechanism to access well known port application programs running on a single host system
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June 7, 1995
Publication Date
June 3, 1997
Kin C Yu
John S Solakian
Faith F Driscoll
Bull HN Information Systems
G06F 15/177
G06F 15/163
G06F 13/00
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