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A method and system for selectively targeting advertisements and programming to different demographically and specially targeted television audiences by relating carrier subscriber data to other proprietary marketing databases by creating, compiling and updating a National Directory of cable and other carrier system subscriber names and address information derived from actual cable system and telephone company billing records; providing proprietary software to participating carrier systems to allow them to modify the subscriber records in a uniform fashion at the carrier system level using unique electronic address designations, by encoding the subscriber information into encoded binary streams using proprietary binary conversion rules and binary signatures assigned to the carrier systems, and changing the conversion rules, signatures and their carrier designations for security on a monthly basis when the National Directory is updated; licensing the Directory to qualified data processing companies or their clients, each of which will receive proprietary software allowing it first to encode its own client's database and/or modeled target audience profiles into encoded binary streams using other proprietary binary conversion rules and binary signatures, and then to match the client's database or audience profiles to the Directory, while still maintaining subscriber privacy; and "matching" the Directory to the client's database or to specific audience parameters, characteristics and profiles desired by the marketers, using the encoded binary streams and proprietary software, in a manner that does not reveal the subscriber name, address or other identifying information and in a manner that cannot be reverse-engineered.

Method and system for selectively targeting advertisements and programming
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May 9, 1994
Publication Date
June 3, 1997
Andrew N G Saxe
New York
Morey B Cowan Liebowitz & Latman P C Wildes
The Electronic Address
H04N 7/10
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