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A bone fixation apparatus for anchoring a surgical member to bone for the fixation of bone or soft tissue to bone. The bone fixation apparatus includes a post device having a leg portion slidably insertable into a hole formed in bone. The leg portion is of sufficient length relative to the interior diameter of the hole to resist removal of the leg portion from the hole when forces substantially parallel to the outer surface of the bone are applied to the post device to anchor the surgical member to bone. In one aspect of the invention, the surgical member is a plate section of an elongated sheet of surgical plate material which may be divided into a plurality of plate sections each having an arbitrary shape.

Surgical bone fixation apparatus
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April 25, 1995
Publication Date
June 3, 1997
Richard P Jobe
26985 Orchard Hill, Los Altos Hills, 94022
Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert
A61B 17/56
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