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A method and system for providing a player of a video game an automatically customized version of an interactive video game responsive to the player's content preferences in at least one category of possibly unsuitable content. A content-on-demand interactive video game method principally comprises establishing a player's content preferences responsive to at least one category of possibly unsuitable content; providing an interactive video game comprising gaming software, and a segment map defining, responsive to the at least one category of possibly unsuitable content, a plurality of content segments of the interactive video game; and automatically selecting, responsive to the gaming software, content segments from the plurality of content segments responsive to an application of the player's content preferences to the segment map.

Content-on-demand interactive video method and apparatus
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April 12, 1995
Publication Date
June 3, 1997
Max Abecassis
19020 NE. 20 Ave., Miami, 33179
A63F 9/24
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