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A self-guided, self-propelled, convertible cleaning apparatus powered by a flexible electrical power cable connected to a conventional electrical power socket is described. In the self-guided mode, the cleaning apparatus automatically traverses the entire area to be cleaned, avoids obstacles located within the area being cleaned, prevents looping of the flexible electrical power cable around these obstacles, and returns to its starting position, without any pre-defined knowledge of the size and shape of the area being cleaned, and the size and position of obstacles within the area being cleaned. In the manual mode an operator guides the motion of the cleaning apparatus over the area to be cleaned using a detachable handle. This path is memorized by the cleaning apparatus and may be used subsequently for self-guided cleaning operation. In the manual mode the operator can also clean narrow spaces and crevices by attaching a flexible suction hose to the cleaning apparatus.

Self-guided, self-propelled, convertible cleaning apparatus
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March 29, 1995
Publication Date
June 3, 1997
Ajit P Paranjpe
3205 Roundrock Trail, Plano, 75075
A47L 9/28
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