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This invention utilizes a large volume plasma processor to completely ionize any feedstock material and deposit the ionized and unionized species of elements of the feedstock material on deposition stages. Apparatus is provided for generating a toroidal, high temperature, low density plasma in the large volume plasma processor. Key aspects of the method provide for (a) controlling temperature by rapid heating and (b) maintaining toroidal plasma current by rapid application of increased driving voltages. The invention provides a large surface area source of any desired elements to increase safety and thruput in microchip fabrication. Other applications include nanotechnology fabrication and improvement of surface properties of materials.

Method and apparatus for a large volume plasma processor that can utilize any feedstock material
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March 7, 1996
Publication Date
May 20, 1997
Bernard J Eastlund
6615 Chancellor Dr., Spring, 77379
C23C 16/00
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