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A trash receptacle having base, body and lid portions that are separable from one another. Both the base and body portions have a horizontally oriented bottom panel and a front, a rear and two opposing vertically oriented side walls that extend upwardly from the bottom panel and are attached to one another at right angles. The walls and bottom panel of the base portion together define a bag storage space, and the walls and the bottom panel of the body portion together define a trash storage space. The bottom panel of the body portion provides an opening for accessing the bag storage space of the base portion. The lid portion has a front, a rear and two opposing vertical side walls with an upfacing lip secured to an upfacing edge of the walls. A top panel is hingeably mounted the lip so as to be moveable between an open, vertically upright position and a closed, horizontal position in which the trash storage space of the body portion is completely sealed.

Trash receptacle with bag holder
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January 11, 1996
Publication Date
May 13, 1997
Stephen G Gola
R.R. 3 Box 212A, Coudersport, 16915
Goldstein & Associates
B65F 1/06
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