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A rotary cone drill bit having a one-piece bit body with a lower portion having a convex exterior surface and an upper portion adapted for connection to a drill string. The drill bit will generally rotate around a central axis of the bit body to form a borehole. A number of support arms are preferably attached to pockets formed in the bit body and depend therefrom. The bit body and support arms cooperate with each other to reduce initial manufacturing costs and to allow rebuilding of a worn drill bit. Each support arm has an inside surface with a spindle connected thereto and an outer shirttail surface. Each spindle projects generally downwardly and inwardly with respect to the longitudinal axis of the associated support arm and the central axis of the bit body. A number of cone cutter assemblies equal to the number of support arms are mounted respectively on each of the spindles. The radial spacing of the support arms on the perimeter of the associated bit body along with their respective length and width dimensions are selected to enhance fluid flow between the cutter cone assemblies mounted on the respective support arms and the lower portion of the bit body. The resulting drill bit provides enhanced fluid flow, increased seal and bearing life, improved downhole performance and standardization of manufacturing and design procedures.

Rotary drill bit
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April 13, 1995
Publication Date
April 29, 1997
Alan D Huffstutler
Grand Prairie
Baker & Botts L
E21B 10/20
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