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In a method for controlling a front and rear wheel steering system in which front wheels of a vehicle are steered according to a combination of a steering wheel input and an output from a compensatory front wheel steering actuator, and rear wheels of the vehicle are steered by a rear wheel steering actuator. The front wheel steering angle is augmented according to the deviation of the actual yaw rate from a target yaw rate computed from the travelling speed of the vehicle and the steering input from the steering wheel to compensate for the delay in the yaw rate response so that the rear end of the vehicle would not be swung sideways during a turning maneuver, and the vehicle operator would not be subjected to any unfamiliar feeling. Furthermore, when the vehicle is subjected to a side wind or cross wind, because the orientation of the vehicle is corrected from the downwind direction to the upwind direction by steering the front wheel, it is possible to restore the orientation of the vehicle to an appropriate direction without the vehicle being wholly thrown laterally by the side wind. The rear wheels are steered so as to reduce the side slip angle to zero as an additional feature of the present invention, whereby the orientation of the vehicle during a turning maneuver may be aligned with the actual trajectory of the vehicle, and the driveability of the vehicle can be improved.

Method for controlling a front and rear wheel steering system
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October 25, 1994
Publication Date
March 25, 1997
Mitsuya Serizawa
Weiner Carrier & Burt P C
Irving M Weiner
Joseph P Carrier
Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
B62D 6/04
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