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A system is provided for automatically tracking the betting activity of casino patrons at gaming tables and providing an indication of this betting activity to casino personnel in real time. Casino patrons use magnetic cards to check themselves in and out of the bet tracking system through magnetic card readers located at each betting position of a gaming table. Customer identity and location codes are coupled from the gaming table to a computer system using a wireless communication network. The computer system uses the codes to retrieve customer information, to estimate an average bet for the patron based on the current minimum table bet for the gaming table and the time period of the patron's play, and to calculate periodically an average theoretical win based on the patron's play. This information is made available through the casino computer system to casino personnel at the patron's gaming table and at any other gaming table to which the patron moves. The information available to the casino personnel is updated periodically to reflect the patron's accumulated betting activity.

Bet tracking system for gaming tables
Application Number
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April 5, 1995
Publication Date
March 25, 1997
Timothy J Slater
South Lake Tahoe
Fenwick & West
Harrah s Club
A63F 9/24
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