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A device and method for collecting voting data is disclosed, the device including a housing having a front face, back panel, opposite sides and a base, a visual character display, and a slot opening on the front face. A central processor within the housing stores data, including preprogrammed data and collected data in a primary memory, and controls operation of the components of the device, including a card reader. The card reader is structured to pull a ballot card through the slot opening for scanning data thereon, including votes cast by the voter, and transferring the scanned data to the central processor where the voting data is stored and tallied. The scanned ballot cards are deposited into a collection box within a locked interior of the housing. A bar code reader and/or a magnetic strip reader on the device reads encoded data on a voter's identification card, such as a voter registration number, so that the encoded data may also be transferred to the central processor for storage. A switch is responsive to removal of the ballot card collection box from within the housing to actuate a printer which prints a bar code on an adhesive-backed label, wherein the bar code contains the ballot card tallies stored in the central processor. The label is attached to the collection box containing all submitted ballot cards and can be scanned by a bar code scanner to read and transmit the tallied votes to a host computer or central facility.

Device for collecting voting data
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April 26, 1996
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March 11, 1997
Gregory R Chumbley
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Robert M Downey P A
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