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The present invention is directed to interbody spinal fusion implants having a structural configuration that provides for the maintaining and creating of the normal anatomic angular relationship of two adjacent vertebrae of the spine to maintain and create spinal lordosis. The spinal fusion implants of the present invention are sized to fit within the disc space created by the removal of disc material between two adjacent vertebrae and conform wholly or in part to the disc space created. The spinal fusion implants of the present invention have upper and lower surfaces that form a support structure for bearing against the end plates of the adjacent vertebrae. The upper and lower surfaces are disposed in a converging angular relationship to each other such that the implants of the present invention have an overall "wedged-shape" in an elevational side view. The angular relationship of the upper and lower surfaces places and maintains the vertebrae adjacent to those surfaces in an angular relationship to each other, creating and maintaining the desired lordosis.

Lordotic interbody spinal fusion implants
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June 7, 1995
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March 11, 1997
Gary K Michelson
438 Sherman Canal, Venice, 90291
Lewis Anten Esq Amedeo Ferraro Esq
A61F 2/44
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