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A prosthesis including (a) a flexible ligament (1) with a first narrowed thinner portion (2) and a second wider portion (3) forming an extension of, and having a greater width and thickness (e2) than, the first portion, which portion may be passed around the spinous processes (12) of two adjacent vertebrae (L5, L4) in a figure eight pattern, whereas the second portion circles around the processes; (b) a semi-flexible interprocess block (6) with two pairs of through-channels (7, 8) having differing cross-sections and receiving the respective portions of the ligament; and (c) members (4, 5) for joining the ends of the ligament. The prosthesis prevents sagittal and frontal lumbar vertebral rotational instability.

Intervertebral prosthesis making possible rotatory stabilization and flexion/extension stabilization
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February 8, 1995
Publication Date
March 11, 1997
Gilles Voydeville
90 quai Claude le Lorrain, Nancy
Young & Thompson
A61B 17/56
A61F 2/44
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