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A method of cutting non-metallic materials, specifically glass, resides in the heating of the material by an incident beam of radiation being effected to a temperature short of its softening point, with the rate of relative displacement of the beam and of the material, and the region of the heated zone which is locally cooled being selected to form a blind crack in the material. The method provides for increasing substantially the cutting speed and accuracy, and also for controlling the depth, shape and angle of the cut face formed by the crack. The method can be employed in the automotive industry for making glass windows and mirrors, in the electronics industry for making precision backings and substrates for LED indicator panels and masks, magnetic and optomagnetic disks, in watch-making for making protective glasses, in the aircraft and space industry for making structural optics components, in construction and architecture for dimensional pattern-cutting of glass, including its integration in the glass manufacturing technology, and also in other fields of production and technologies where precision of non-metallic materials are made.

Method of splitting non-metallic materials
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September 30, 1994
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March 11, 1997
Vladimir S Kondratenko
Darby & Darby
Fonon Technology
B26F 3/16
B23K 15/00
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