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An apparatus provides accented vibrations to an object and has a means for elastically suspending said object and at least one disengaging displacement means. The application of current interest is for winding a self-winding mechanical wrist watch during intervals when not worn on the wrist so it will not run down and stop. The apparatus has an enclosure and a holder to accept and position a self-winding watch which is periodically set in motion to simulate wrist action. The holder, within the enclosure, is mounted on springs and driven by a low rpm gearmotor which alternately pushes and releases; then pulls and releases so as to give a sharp acceleration in two or more directions. This action increases effectiveness of the apparatus in winding watches in different positions. The motion produced has other applications such as in testing other motion sensitive equipment or in producing unique patterns of mixing.

Non-linear vibration device
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May 7, 1993
Publication Date
March 4, 1997
Jeffrey Richards
1801 E. Tropicana, #9, Las Vegas, 89119
Ellen C Childress
B01F 11/00
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G04B 47/00
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