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A valve for use in a blood vessel, internal to the blood vessel itself, in contact with a blood stream, has a bent flexible wire mesh (1) with elasticity and plasticity so as to be collapsible and implantable remotely at a desired site. The wire mesh (1) is bent into three turns, two end ones (6, 6') and a central one (5), in such a way as to confine a tubular space. The central turn (5) is located at an angle relative to the end turns (6, 6') and mounts a monocusp sail-like valving element (2). A special catheter (12) is used to collapse the flexible wire mesh (1), to implant it remotely at the desired site, and to restore the wire mesh (1) to its original three-dimensional configuration.

Percutaneous implantable valve for the use in blood vessels
Application Number
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September 2, 1994
Publication Date
March 4, 1997
Sante Camilli
Via Casale D'Elsa, 15, 00139-Roma
Young & Thompson
A61F 2/06
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