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A scope mount is provided for a rifle which allows multiple scopes to be simultaneously attached to the rifle. The scope mount includes a connector which is rigidly attachable to a rifle base affixed to a receiver of the rifle. The scope mount also includes an auxiliary base rigidly attached to the connector and spaced to a side of the connector. The auxiliary base has a contour similar to a contour of the rifle base. Hence, any scope which is attachable to the rifle base directly can be similarly attached to the auxiliary base. The connector of the scope mount has a length which is shorter than a length of the rifle base. The connector can be connected to the rifle base and leave remaining portions of the rifle base exposed for connection of a scope thereto. A second scope can then be connected to the auxiliary base of the scope mount without necessitating removal of the scope which is attached directly to the rifle base. Thus, two scopes or other objects can be connected to the rifle. The mount is reversible to allow a second scope to be located on either a left side or right side of the rifle.

Multi-purpose ambidextrous rifle scope mount
Application Number
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April 21, 1995
Publication Date
March 4, 1997
Timothy G Hardee
2262 McGowan Pkwy., Marysville, 95901
Bradley P Heisler
F41G 1/38
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