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A shoe closure, consisting of a rope pulley mounted rotatably in a bearing element to wind up at least one ropelike tightening element to close the shoe, a rotating element to actuate the rope pulley and a reducing gear between rotating element and rope pulley in the form of an eccentric drive, is to be improved so that no nonuniform tightening or pulling movements of the tightening element occur. This is achieved in that rope pulley (3) is designed as an independent unit mounted rotatably concentrically to central axis (9). Eccentric knob (10) is mounted movably parallel to rope pulley (3) and is movable, by eccentric driving pin (12), in a plane parallel to rope pulley (3). Eccentric knob (10) has one or more sector or sectors (16) on a circle (14) concentric to its axis of rotation (13), sector or sectors whose center or centers (15) lies or lie on concentric circle (14) and whose double radius (r.sub.K) is at least approximately equal to the sum of diameter (D) of a coupling pin (17) attached to rope pulley (3) and diameter (D.sub.K) of circular path (18) of eccentric driving pin (12) (FIG. 1 ).

Shoe closure
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June 5, 1995
Publication Date
March 4, 1997
Roland Jungkind
Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson P C
David S Safran
PUMA Rudolf Dassler Sport
A43C 11/00
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