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The present invention provides for electrical devices and methods for evaluating athletic performance. A shock sensor is attached to an athlete or a suitable target such as a punching bag. When the athlete subjects the shock sensor to a shock with a magnitude which equals or exceeds the shock sensor sensitivity, an electrical effect is generated which is processed by a control means. The control means can be programmed for a delay period which precedes the performance evaluating cycle. The athlete's reaction time and shock magnitude can be measured and displayed. The devices and methods are suitable for evaluating athletic performance even if the athlete does not contact a target or an another object such as in simulated martial arts combat wherein there is no body contact between the athletes.

Devices and methods for evaluating athletic performance
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June 6, 1995
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February 25, 1997
Mayrose A Gaoiran
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Albert A Gaoiran
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Law Office of Albert J Dalhuisen
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