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An anterior spinal fixation device which provides an anterior lumbar and cervical fusion fixation system which has numerous advantages over existing anterior, posterior and lateral implant systems. Anterior (access from the patient's stomach region) lumbar surgery allows the surgeon to remove the entire intervertebral disc, which is not possible during posterior or lateral surgery. Many interbody fusion operations require removal of disc material, insertion of new graft material and fusion of the adjoining vertebrae. This pate and screw fixation invention provides the ability to perform this function. The novelty of this invention includes overall design allowing for multiple fusions, a bicortical fixation system which is achieved by inserting four screws at a 45 degree angle into two cortical surfaces. It also provides structural integrity by placing more friction on the screws which allows for increased pull out strength. An anterior fixation device also is further from the spinal cord which reduces the chance of contact with the new roots.

Anterior lumbar/cervical bicortical compression plate
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September 29, 1994
Publication Date
February 18, 1997
Timothy E Taylor
1859 Shellbrook Dr., Huntsville, 35806
Gilbert M Aust
14 Asbury La., Huntsville, 35802
Tarolli Sundheim Covell Tummino & Szabo
A61B 17/58
A61B 17/56
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