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Controlling a fermentation plant working with a horizontal fermentor which operates per the regenerative flow process is particularly difficult, if there is a high proportion of dry substance. Biogenic decomposition in the fermentor was thus far influenced merely by recycling a portion of the ferment from the outlet to the fermentor entrance. According to the invention, the process of control is enhanced by the measurement of the pH and the dry substance portion at various points in the fermentor and controlling the fermentor on the basis of these measurements in such a way that the measurement data lie within certain established ranges. It is additionally possible, moreover, to adjust the pH and the portion of dry substance in the fermentor by the introduction of press water laden with methanobacteria from the ferment at inoculation points in the fermentor.

Controlling a fermentation plant
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April 20, 1994
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February 11, 1997
Walter Schmid
Puntenstrasse 5, CH-8152 Opfikon
Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes
C02F 3/00
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