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The invention and process utilizes any number of biological parts to provide a proof of legitimacy and from them generate and verify a personal identification card (ID). This rendition of the invention deals mainly with fingerprints, but does not preclude the use of other biological parts. The invention is unique in being able to render complex forms into unique biological characteristic codes of the unique biological parts, especially the fingerprint, and then to be able to encode that code onto the magnetic strip of an ID card or credit card. The invention renders complex biological forms into numeric representations of the unique biological parts and especially the fingerprint. The number generated thereby is encoded onto the magnetic strip of an ID card or credit card. A comparison is made of the live biological part to the number on the card to identify that the person using the card as the legal owner of the card, thus automatically identifying the person as the legal card holder or rejecting that person as not being the legal card holder. This makes it possible to use the card safely without the need for personal attendants to ensure the transaction is carried out by the legal owner of the card.

Process for encrypting a fingerprint onto an I.D. card
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March 10, 1995
Publication Date
January 28, 1997
Neldon P Johnson
512 S. 860 East, American Fork, 84003
K S Cornaby
H04L 9/00
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