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A multimedia system including an audio/video decoder/decompresser for decoding/decompressing a compressed encoded audio/video data stream to generate video images for display and audio signals for audible reproduction. The multimedia system includes an integrated system and video decoder with an audio/video synchronization circuit for substantially synchronizing the display of video images with audio playback. Latency between Audio and Video decompression/decoding may be adjusted dynamically by internal hardware. Hardware signals indicating the need to skip or repeat a frame or frames of video or audio data are fed to a hardware circuit which may increment or decrement a latency value accordingly. The latency value is thus stepwise incremented or decremented until no further frame skips/repeats occur. The hardware implementation allows for better matching of latency value to audio and video decoder, frees up software for other tasks and reduces software code requirements. In addition, changes to the audio and video data paths (e.g., switching to an auxiliary audio decoder) are automatically and quickly compensated for. The hardware implementation may provide for additional levels of latency adjustment.

Auto latency correction method and apparatus for MPEG playback system
Application Number
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June 7, 1995
Publication Date
January 21, 1997
Daniel Daum
San Jose
Robert Platt Bell & Associates P C
Cirrus Logic
H04N 9/475
H04N 5/91
H04N 5/76
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