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A water vapor permeable dressing, such as a surgical dressing, is constructed of a thin elastomeric transparent film which is protected by a layer of non-woven fabric, such as a material of elastomeric filaments. The fabric is sufficiently thin, elastic and fluffy to absorb stress of abrasive objects so as to protect the underlying film. Both the film and the protective fabric are sufficiently thin and compliant to allow the dressing to conform to the contours of the human body. Adhesive used in the dressing, for securing the film to a person's skin, as well as for securing the fabric to the film, are permeable to water vapor. The film and the adhesives are impermeable to liquid water, thereby to provide an effective shield for a wound against infection by outside bacteria. A release sheet is employed for protecting a layer of adhesive on the film. The release sheet has a topical reagent, such as a drug or medicine, imprinted thereon with a relatively loose bonding force such that, upon separation of the release sheet from the adhesive layer, the reagent is retained on the adhesive layer for subsequent contact with the skin of a patient to allow for topical application of the reagent to the patient via the skin. The release force may be varied by a coating pattern.

Vapor permeable dressing
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September 6, 1994
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January 14, 1997
Joel D Martz
5 Sealy Dr., Lawrence, 11559
David M Warren
A61F 13/00
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