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A method of and apparatus for improving the accessing capability of asynchronous and synchronous dynamic random access memory devices by a novel interfacing and accessing procedure in which the same pins are used for each of row, column and data accessing and in both the write and read cycles; such enabling effective increasing of the data bandwidth and addressing range in substantially the same size packages and pin counts of current DRAMs, or providing equivalent performance in smaller packages with fewer pins. This enables reducing the number of required components for the same configuration, providing compatable density in smaller packages, and with lower power consumption and finer granularity and pin compatability for a wide range of current DRAMs.

Method of and apparatus for improved dynamic random access memory (DRAM) providing increased data bandwidth and addressing range for current DRAM devices and/or equivalent bandwidth and addressing range for smaller DRAM devices
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October 7, 1994
Publication Date
December 31, 1996
Mukesh Chatter
53 Godfrey La., Milford, 01757
Rines and Rines
G11C 7/00
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