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A tactile feedback device is provided. The device includes a joystick assembly with a joystick handle and a pair of perpendicular yoke components installed below the joystick handle. Each yoke component has a driving motor installed for driving the joystick handle. The device also includes a force feedback controlling system used for producing the force of a simulated condition, and to provide a relative average current to the motors for obtaining a relative rotating speed. The joystick can thereby produce different displacements of the joystick handle at the same time, and the operator can feel the different reaction forces produced. The device includes an automatic reset function using a pair of sensors respectively installed on the yoke components. The joystick handle can be automatically reset to the zero position of each when the sensors are not aligned with respective light blocking members.

Touching feedback device
Application Number
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June 22, 1995
Publication Date
December 31, 1996
Ming Chang Tsai
Fl. 12th, No. 138, Sec. 2, King San South Road, Taipei
David I Klein
Morton J Rosenberg
G09G 5/08
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