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A system for simulcasting a fully interactive program with a normal conventional program in the same standard video signal bandwidth. It allows active participation by subscribers who have interactive components connected to a television or personal computer display, as well as normal viewing of the conventional program by viewers with conventional television sets. Interactive participants are not limited to any particular reception system. Users can participate using an interactive program box connected to a standard television set or with a multimedia personal computer with an interactive board. An important feature is that interactivity is offered as an option, without any degradation or interruption in program content to users who choose not to interact or do not have the interactive components. Interactivity is personalized through the use of alternative audio responses and/or graphic displays. The interactive elements are presented to the subscriber either immediately after subscriber entry, later during the program at predetermined times, and/or at transparent "trigger points". At trigger points, program content is subtly altered to present specialized attention to each interactive subscriber viewing the displayed programming. Interactive programs viewable over the simulcast system include both live broadcasts as well as recorded programs. Interactive audio and graphics elements can be provided as part of the transmitted video signal bandwidth using efficient one way techniques or from local or external storage. The interactive innovative features are not limited to conventional cable or television broadcast or any particular transmission means or transmission format, and can be analog or digital.

Simulcast of interactive signals with a conventional video signal
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August 12, 1994
Publication Date
December 17, 1996
Michael J Freeman
New York
Gregory W Harper
New York
Dorsey & Whitney
G06F 3/00
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