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A two-part device for suturing soft tissue to bone employs a bone anchor which is installed in the bone and a suture anchor which is coupled to the soft tissue and then engaged with the bone anchor. The engagement of the suture anchor with the bone anchor is readily reversible so as to permit adjustments in the placement of the sutures. In the practice of the invention, no step is irreversible except the drilling of the bone hole that accepts the bone anchor. A special tool is described for facilitating the installation of a bone anchor having a round internal cross-section. The suture anchor can be installed with the application of only direct pressure, and can be disengaged by counterclockwise rotation, with the use of a disengagement tool, such as a screw driver. Sutures are threaded through apertures in the suture anchor, and the engagement of the sutures is enhanced by a friction fit between the suture and bone anchors.

Soft tissue to bone fixation device and method
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September 8, 1994
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December 17, 1996
Jon B Greenfield
691 Loring Ave., Los Angeles, 90024
Rohm & Monsanto
A61B 17/68
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