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A laser sight that can be fits conventional handguns and rifles without requiring major modification of the weapons and yet fits within the profile of the weapons framework. The invention features a chassis containing an infrared and visible red laser than can be mounted in various position, depending on the weapon selected. For a 9 mm handgun, the chassis mounts on the front face of the muzzle. For a M-16, the chassis mounts on the weapon handle. The weapons factory installed hand grips are replaced by modified hand grips that contain the laser electronic controls, water proof activation switches, and power source. The hand grips are wired to the chassis via a flexible internal circuit tape in the case of the 9mm and waterproof quick disconnect cable for the M-16. The apparatus is designed to be used with commercially available batteries providing about 12 hours of operating time.

Modular laser apparatus
Application Number
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September 9, 1994
Publication Date
December 17, 1996
James W Teetzel
14 Stratham Green, Stratham, 03885
William B Ritchie
F41G 1/36
F41G 1/35
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