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A gaming machine 50 has a display 51 on which an array of symbols is displayed. The array is typically 3 rows.times.5 columns and during a game the symbols displayed on the array are caused to change with a random result being obtained. The player of the machine makes a wager on the result and is paid a prize if one of a number of predetermined combinations of symbols are displayed on a line of the display 51 at the end of the game. The player may make multiple wagers on each game with each wager being assigned to a different one of a plurality of possible result lines. typically, the number of possible result lines is greater than or equal to 9 and the lines to be employed in each game are selected by switches 54, prior to a game being initiated.

Multi-line gaming machine
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December 21, 1994
Publication Date
December 3, 1996
Philip C Crouch
8 Davies Avenue, 2030 Vaucluse, New South Wales
Anderson Kill & Olick P C
G07F 17/34
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