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A home automation system having a user controlled definition function is operated in response to input of an inherent call code. The system includes power line controller PLC modules for switching power to appliances connected thereto in response to receipt of a control code; monitoring devices for displaying input video information; a video display processing device having a font memory and a video memory for assessing font data corresponding to a character code received from the font memory in response to receipt of the character code and for providing a video signal corresponding to the assessed font data to the monitoring device; a control device for providing to the video display processing device character code corresponding to a user defined number, device name, call code, and control code in response to a set user defined function; the control device also stores the user defined number, the call code, and the control code in an address region corresponding to the user defined number, and transmits the call code and control code in response to input of the user defined number; and an interfacing device for transmitting the call code and control code output from the control device to the power line controller PLC modules.

Home automation system having user controlled definition function
Application Number
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December 30, 1994
Publication Date
November 26, 1996
Yong Soon Mun
Robert E Bushnell Esq
SamSung Electronics
G05B 19/42
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