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This method non sequentially compares a reference sequence of tokens to an original sequence of tokens to determine subsequences of tokens which exactly or similarly match. The method has a novel approach for creating a large number of indexes by partitioning strings of tokens into substrings, appending non contiguous substrings together to form tuples, and creating indexes from the tuples. Indexes are created in this manner for both the original and reference strings. Techniques are also provided to approximately or exactly locate the substrings which where used to create the tuples and indexes from the original sequence of tokens. Original and reference indexes are compared and matches are tracked. Higher numbers of matches result in higher scores (votes) in a table and indicate a stronger similarity between the sequences on the the original and reference strings. Using this method, the degree of similarity can also be determined. The Method is useful when comparing a reference sequence of tokens to a large database of original strings of tokens. It has applications in the biological sciences (human genome mapping or analyzing proteins) and in image, speech, and music recognition.

Method for finding a reference token sequence in an original token string within a database of token strings using appended non-contiguous substrings
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August 8, 1995
Publication Date
November 19, 1996
Andrea Califano
New York
Louis J Percello
International Business Machines Corporation
G06F 7/20
G06F 17/30
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